Beginning in Bingen

After a wild first few days and quite a bit of confusion, I am finally moved in to a relatively charming 3-person Wohngemeinschaft (basically a flat with bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, and living room) in Bingen am Rhein…. that is entirely empty except for me.  It is pretty exciting though; my bedroom is brick red, my kitchen is fairly bland except for an argyle curtain, and my living room is BRIGHT GOLDEN YELLOW.  When light comes through the window, it’s like being inside a cube of sunshine.

Heating is a wonderful thing.  Hot water is another wonderful thing, one which I sadly don’t have yet.  Hopefully the people come tomorrow to replace my extinct spark-plug-and-copper-tubing monstrosity.  No kidding – both my heating and my dead hot water heater run on gas-lit flames.  Also, two of the rooms have no lighting, which means after sunset they are either completely dark or lit by candlelight.  Oh no, whatever am I to do!  🙂


Living in a second language is an experience.  As someone who very much enjoys words and communication in general, not being able to express myself to the extent I am used to is very tiring.  Before I came, so many people told me not to worry because “everyone speaks English over there”… which very well may be true in major population centers such as Berlin, Frankfurt, or Munich, but semi-rural Bingen is another story.  I am both glad that my linguistic abilities will be [read: are being] challenged and somewhat anxious – but on the bright side, my German will have no choice but to improve.  Most of the difficult business-speak is finished for now, and daily interactions tend to be manageable.  The word of the day is probieren – to try.


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