Pteridophyta, or the Fern, or der Farn

Fern is very hot and dry and has a little bit of juice in it.  It holds within itself great power, namely such a power that the devil flees from it (and it even has certain energy which is like the power of the sun.  As the sun lights up dark places, so the fern chases away apparitions, and even evil spirits disdain it).  In the place where it grows, the devil rarely practices his deceptions.  The fern avoids or shrinks back from any home or place where the devil resides.  Thunder, lightning, and hail rarely fall near a home where there is a fern.  Magic and incantations of demons – as well as diabolic words and other phantasms – avoid a person who carries a fern with him.  


A human being has both good and evil knowledge, and good and bad herbs were created for him.  Fern sap has been placed for knowledge, and in its honest nature, goodness and holiness are signified. 


If a person who is forgetful and ignorant holds fern seed in his hand, his memory will return, and he will receive understanding; thus he who was incomprehensible will become intelligible.

(Physica, 29-30)

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