Four days

The heavy rains today feel like foreshadowing. 

This is my last week abroad…  I fly from Frankfurt to Heathrow late Friday afternoon, get to spend some quality bonding time with Heathrow Airport until just before noon on Saturday (hooray airport all-nighters), land in Houston mid-day, and then finally re-enter the beautiful City of Roses at around 9 pm – probably with somewhat apocalyptic levels of jetlag, sleep deprivation, and general dazedness. 


I don’t have much more on my project to do in the remainder of my time here, so the plan for this week is to spend time with my German friends, the Rhein, castles, the forest, visit St. Hildegard’s reliquary once more… and pack and move out.  Migration is always a mix of emotions, perhaps especially so this time around because I have been abroad for a relatively long time, perhaps because I have fallen a bit in love with Deutschland – or at least with the life I’ve been able to have here these past two months.  It is strange, the way this river looks like the Willamette when it’s raining, the way the hills wear the same grey veil, and the way the deciduous trees are strikingly green against the white sky.  The forest here smells different in the rain, though, and I’m not entirely sure why. 

Perhaps it’s the nettles. 

I am very curious how these six months on foreign shores will have changed the way I see my native country.

I am also extremely excited to see all of my Portland comrades, though I will most assuredly miss the wonderful friends I’ve made here in Germany. 

(Unfortunately, I have all of 3 minutes of internet left, so I can’t expand upon those thoughts right now.)

I may or may not post again before I’m back in the States.  Until then, friends!


If you happen to find yourself in the Portland International Airport around 9 pm this Saturday…..  😉  Wave a sign or something, I’m likely to be in quite a blur.

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